• Product Protection
  • Brand Integrity
  • Destruction Beyond Recognition

Brand Protection & Integrity

The integrity and protection of your brand is the foundation of our company. WRD understands the utmost importance in the secure disposal of products that are deemed unsuitable for the marketplace, as the reappearance of these products back into the marketplace can dramatically compromise the reputation and integrity of your brand.

WRD categorically state that your brand is protected when it is delivered to WRD for destruction. We have a secure in-house destruction facility that boasts high-level security measures.

WRD always issue a certificate of destruction to legally confirm destruction at no extra cost to you.

WRD constantly aim to recycle all waste products. Recycling only takes place once your product has been destroyed beyond brand recognition, with many products qualifying for 100% recycling.

WRD guarantee that your waste product will never be resold and, wherever possible, all foods, beverages and packaging will be recycled. This is our guarantee to you; a guarantee that upholds and protects your brand’s integrity.

Secure. Protected. Monitored.

It is of the utmost importance that our customers have complete confidence that once their waste product is collected for secure destruction and recycling, that is unquestionably what happens. Part of this is ensuring that the site is completely secure with no risk to product once it is on site at WRD.

For this reason, WRD have a number of security measures in place to guarantee customer peace of mind. These include:

Food and Beverage Wastes

Secure Destruction

Zero Waste to Landfill

Collection or Delivery

Certificate of Destruction


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Accreditations & Compliance

We are fully licensed with the Environment Agency. To view our accreditations or to download our certificates, click below.

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