Secure Destruction & Recycling

The Process

Products deemed for destruction are received at WRD and processed through an ‘Atritor’ depackaging machine (a dedicated labour force is also on site if any manual requirements are needed to enhance the operation), ultimately segregating the materials for recycling or energy production – no materials are landfilled. Our Atritor turbo machine separates the packaging from the foods and can handle 25 tonnes per hour. 

Food wastes are blended to form a mixture suitable for anaerobic digestion. Packaging separated from the process is used to manufacture Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) or Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) for renewable energy. If there are sufficient levels of recyclable material recovery, these will be destined for secondary recycling. Our process for all product materials renders them beyond their intended use. Any segregated food materials that contain high fat levels will be utilised for fat recovery via high temperature cooking. 

The segregated materials are contaminated during our process and often mixed with other materials to further enhance the destruction of the product from its original form. SRF and RDF packaging materials are also blended and mixed before being processed through our 40 tonne press to be made into compacted bales. These bales are then incinerated for energy production. 


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