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WRD specialise in collecting or accepting food and beverage wastes on pallets. Our service provides a nationwide collection from a single pallet to multiple-load requirements, whether on a regular or one-off need.

Our vehicles can be loaded from the side or the rear to suit all our customer’s methods of collection.

The ability to collect on pallets is often less labour-intensive for the customer, reducing the burden of having to breakdown or sort the wastes on site for other methods of collection i.e., skips or roro containers. This also limits any potential environmental issues on site due to odour and contamination.

Our backhaul palletised collection service prevents wasted fuel which translates to cost savings, minimizes environmental damage and enhances carbon footprint credentials.

WRD also have accounts with all the major pallet supply companies and therefore can mutually arrange the off-hire accordingly, if required.

We can collect up to 26 pallets unless double-stacked (52), subject to health & safety and weight restriction (approximately 26 tonnes).  We are usually able to arrange collection within 48 hours.

In addition to palletised wastes, we are also able to collect and process IBCs, dolavs and other similar containers.  Should you have a specific enquiry, please get in touch.


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